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Carbon Addict slides Jan09

Are you giving a presentation on carbon dependence? Feel free to use and adapt this slide set, which summarises the condition and its treatment... Let us know how you find it, or what other slides you would find helpful.

Size: 1.71 MB

Diagnosis machine image

High resolution image of the Carbon Dependence diagnosis machine in action.

Size: 11.78 MB

Carbon Dependence slides (May 2009)

This slide set may be a bit more user-friendly than the Jan 2009 one, it has a bit more explanation, and has been prepared with medical school teaching in mind.

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Carbon Dependence slides (Dec 2009)

The December version is more comprehensive than previous ones, covering:
- The carbon addict: health effects of a high carbon lifestyle
- Is the NHS addicted?
- Complications: adverse effects of a high carbon health service
- Detox: what can health professionals do about it? (discussion points)
- Health services for a low carbon future
(Prepared by Dr Frances Mortimer, of The Campaign for Greener Healthcare)

Size: 4.47 MB