Severity Scoring

Bank account biopsy

With a diagnosis of carbon dependence made, an objective assessment of the extent and nature of carbon use is invaluable to guide treatment.  Bank account biopsy is the gold standard here.

It is essential to obtain formal consent before embarking on the procedure.  Be aware that many patients will strongly resist suggestion of a biopsy, and will need firm reassurance that results are held in strict confidence – including from their spouse.

The procedure itself is painless.  


  • •    Insufficient sample size (2-3 months is usually advised)
  • •    Unrepresentative sample – e.g. seasonal variation
  • •    Presence of accessory bank accounts/ credit or store cards
  • •    Existence of a sugar-daddy or other confounding factor

Basic analysis of consumer habits can now be reliably undertaken by automated assay, if available.  However, for finer interpretation, there is no substitute for an experienced forensic environmentalist.  

An important use of the bank account biopsy is in calibration of carbon footprinting tools;
when adjusted for the carbon impact of consumer spending, a carbon footprint
becomes a very useful measure of disease progression.